Wild Boy feat. Instagata
How Far
Morning After
Demetri Matthews "Metri"
Thick & Thin
U & Me
Set out 2Be feat. Instagata
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Demetri Matthews "Metri" has been performing on stage and television since the age of seven. First discovered as the poster boy for Raptors Ball Demetri has gone on to perform as leads in The Lion King, Number One and Jamie along side Keir Gilchrist (United States of Tara) and has been featured in various television shows including Trapped and Disney's Overruled. He has gone on to perform voice work and theme songs for film and TV before starting his music career. Demetri is a huge fan of Usher and has a love for R&B. Currently Demetri is in collaboration with his cousin Instagata who is an accomplished writer, producer & performer who has to date released two albums. Together they form a strong writing and creative team with many tracks in development. CLICK HERE to see his Concerts, Appearances, TV, Film, and Theatre Performances